Athena Global Services was originally created to discover and introduce new technologies on the French market since the beginning of American start-ups. To date, we are specialized in IT security intended primarily for professionals. We offer companies of all sizes, innovative solutions covering all aspects of security required by businesses. Our solutions are carefully selected and chosen both for their performance, quality and reliability but also for the maintenance of the publisher. From SMEs to large companies, we have solutions to all the fundamentals of data protection.

As we like to say, "our business is to protect the business of business."

1°) What is the advantage for a CIO to work with Athena rather than going directly to a software publisher?

We represent publishers we distribute exclusively in France and therefore offer all integrated and located business services as support, deployment, transfer of skills, training, certification and advice. All of those characteristics are part of our recognized added value. We work with companies indirectly through our authorized dealer network who also provide real added value and expertise required by end users.

 2°) Could you describe to the CIOs who read us, what are the solutions you offer?

Our range of solutions now covers all aspects of security and provides answers to various everyday problems that CIOs face. Whether for antivirus solutions, data encryption, filtering or issues related to strong authentication, we have the right solutions. ATHENA represents today the brand ESET®.

3°) What is the size of the IT environment you protect?

We have a long list of more than 105,000 corporate clients of all sizes and convincing testimonies. Over 1.5 million PCs and servers are protected by our solutions, but for example, one of our major customers in France has an IT environment of more than 30,000 workstations equipped by our solutions.

4) What are the problems that most CIOs are currently facing?

CIOs are facing multiple issues. The issues are complex and often brutally emerge, it is incredibly vast. Security, business continuity and user satisfaction are their three fundamentals. But they must also respect their budget while ensuring the adequacy of their infrastructure to the growing needs of their business. Finally the evolution of the environment and the development of BYOD make the mission more complex and increase their responsibility. However, Athena Global Services provides them with new tools, proven advice and support services for deployment to respond quickly and effectively to their needs.

5°) Could you give us your references in terms of large customer accounts ?

Of the thousands of French national or multinational companies that use our security solutions, we can mention without details, Renault, Sanofi, DGA, Societe Generale, BNP Paribas, Amazon, Arkema, Free, Hermes, Cegid Téléperformance, the Paris Airport, DHL, Thales, Terreos, Auto Distribution, Matra, the Council of Europe and others, without reference to the largest local authorities ...

6°) What would be your last word for the CIOs who read us?

Never release your focus on safety is a daily task of updating, monitoring and education. The two pillars of the corporate security is protection against any threats via a good endpoint solution, a reliable backup process with external duplication and implementation of a recovery plan. However, many other areas are to be protected including the control of USB ports, websites, remote access to internal networks, fleets of mobile devices, etc. ....

Customer references

customer references


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